- Bougainvillea -
For free expression.

In my practice I work with over fifteen hundred essences encompassing the healing qualities of flowers from Australia, Scotland, Alaska, California, Arizona, Canada, and New England. This abundant collection allows me to fine tune oral solutions by addressing the individual nuances each person presents. I use kinesiology to ascertain which essences are most appropriate for my clients.

How do I use kinesiology?

Kinesiology is an excellent tool to help prioritize the issues. This oral solution, which contains several different essences, is taken for three to four weeks. Some clients report immediate benefits while others experience a more gradual awakening and awareness of themselves, bringing clarity to deeper issues.

- Morning Glory -
Joyful receptivity.

There are many different ways to work with flower essences. One of my specialties is treating the emotional component underlying physical ailments. I have certainly seen in my own life how quickly "emotions run amuck" can lead to various physical ailments. I believe that many physical conditions have at their roots untreated emotional or spiritual issues. I enjoy working as one member of a team of health care providers with a client to address the whole person. By using flower essences in conjunction with other healing therapies, whether traditional allopathic or complementary, you can support and enhance your healing process.

- Nasturtium -
Brings a balance between
the head and the heart.

- Impatiens -
Patience, acceptance.

Many clients also enjoy a personalized room spray. These sprays usually include an essential oil along with the tested essences. They can be made to support the work of a client's oral solution, to clear the energy of a room, or for general stress relief.

In addition I test for personal emergency trauma solutions, or ETS. We expect everyone's electrical system to respond differently in a crisis situation. Keeping a personalized ETS on hand, to take when life throws its unexpected punches, assures you of being stabilized to cope in whatever way the emergency situation requires.

- Prickly Pear Cactus -
Adaptability. Surrendur
to the flow of life.

The Essence

The written word does not do justice to the essences. Describing how one feels taking flower essences is as difficult as describing a moving piece of music. How do you convey on paper what comes over you when you are filled and surrounded with beautiful music? It needs to be experienced. Flower essences engage the heart

- Water Lily -
Useful for inhibitions and intimacy

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