- Foxglove -
Releases tension around the heart

hy Use Flower Essence Therapy

Flower essences build bridges between the body and the soul. Illness, fatigue, depression, addictions, and stress are some of the indications of a weak body/soul link. By focusing on strengthening the weak links with flower essences, we are able to bring the body and soul back into harmony.

Benefits of Flower Essence Therapy

Flower essences balance, stabilize, and repair the body's electrical system. The human electrical system is vast and much of it is beyond scientific comprehension. What we do know is that every organ, cell, and aspect of our being is interrelated and activated through this network. As we begin to fathom the effect of essences on this amazing system we see the value of flower essences as playing an important role in the growing field of complimentary health care.

Flower essences are a perfect example of horizontal healing, or "like healing like." The electrical pattern of the flower petals is released into the water; water holds and conducts electricity; and the resulting flower essence water is used to balance, stabilize, and repair the body's electrical system; like healing like.

- Sago Palm -
Calls us back to who we truly are.

- Daffodil -
Helps us hear the voice of
Divinity within our hearts.

The gift of flower essences is two fold. First, the essence selection process helps identify the most pressing issues. These issues can be emotional, mental, or spiritual qualities that need to be developed or awakened. Second, the essences offer an energetic "helping hand" to accomplish this work. It is becoming more widely recognized how these untreated issues can affect our health in the long run and our ability to heal in the present.

--- Testimonials ---

- Geranium -

“Barbara Johnson has mastered a very special process as a flower essence practitioner-that is being a pure living channel for the invisible consciousness that guides her in this work. I have watched her skill and courage develop to be one of this generation’s true pioneers in applications of flower essences to heal both physical imbalances and the troubled human soul.” -- David Dalton, Delta Gardens Certified Teacher of Essence Practitioners

“Barb's flower essences have made a real difference in my practice, both for myself and my patients. We are able to experience a higher level of health.” --
Dr. Mary Balliett, Ithaca, NY

“Very shortly after I began working with Barbara's flower essences, I decided to get a little bottle for my husband as well. After she tested his essences and read me the descriptions of each, I told her I did not really think that any of the essences she had described came even remotely close to describing him. Since I felt like her formula was completely off, I chose not to order it for him. I even shared her description with a close friend (who is also a client of Barbara's) and she agreed that it was completely inaccurate. Later that week I had a conversation with my husband and was blown away to hear that he was grappling with the very issues that Barbara had described to me during our session. I will not make the mistake of doubting her formula again!” -- W.B., Bloomington, IN

- Ice Plant -
For joy and bliss

- Pansy -
Balances the immunue system.

“When I see Barb for essences, whatever she does tends to make the challenging aspects of life smoother. She uses her insights and her knowledge of flower essences and life to help people out. I send my friends and clients to Barb when I feel they need the sort of boost that her essences can provide.” -- W.F., Ithaca, NY, Lic. Ac., C.S.W.

“Every time I am baffled by my current manifestation of 'sacred contract' I head over to Barb and her team. Ahhh, relief, spelled FLOWER ABUNDANCE." -- V.R.., Trumansburg, NY

- Poppy -
Cultivates generosity.

"I highly recommend Barbara Johnson as a flower essence practitioner. She is a clear and loving presence who is deeply skilled in what she does. Her flower essence combinations are gentle yet powerfully effective in their laser-like precision. As a flower essence practitioner myself, Barbara is the person I turn to when I need the clarity and guidance of someone else to see me through difficult situations or transitions." -- F.G., Medford, MA, CFEP

"At the foundation of Barb's practice lies a willingness to deeply investigate any issue with outstanding thoroughness while always being open to new directions. As she continually explores the permutations of her own spiritual history with the aid of flower essences, Barb brings this expansive awareness to her work. She meets the complexity of the human spirit with grace, integrity, possibility and a profound trust. Most of all Barb meets you with a deep generosity of spirit and a genuine desire to assist in your personal journey, whatever it takes." -- S.S., Odessa , NY

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